Coffee biscuits. (at Coyote Ugly Saloon NYC)

Been a bit down in the dumps, did a little retail therapy at Saturdays surf to get me started for spring. 

Woman’s Spring 14’ @commonprojects line is killer

Anonymous asked: Those golden goose looked sick. Loved the color combo. Where did June get those pair? Thinking of getting a pair for my girl. Also, I really dig your page, super clean and fresh.

Thanks for the love! She got them at Barney’s NY here in the city. Another good spot to find them is if you’re outside the area.

Taking 5 on the Pinto

Netting in Montauk

Icon Update

Anonymous asked: Are common projects worth the price tag?

I guess it’s all in the way you perceive it. Can you justify spending 450$ on a sneaker? Probably not but the average person isn’t looking for common projects when they just need a pair of kicks.

It’s a great trainer for people who are into fashion culture. Who love and understand the value of a refined design. Everything about the shoe is quality but you definitely are paying for names and details. But if you’re wealthy or just an enthusiast I think it becomes much easier to justify, it just comes down to how bad you want it.

Lastly, if you’re on a budget try not to pay full price for anything, there’s almost always a way to catch a deal. For common projects I would purchase from, you could cop them half off sometimes.

But chances are if your stressing about price tags, you probably shouldn’t be buying it.

Anonymous asked: What kind of boots were the ones on Nov. 4, 2013?

Those boots were actually Zara brand. I usually stay as far as I can from Zara products because they get trashed the second you wash them or they’re generally cheaply made, but those just happened to be a good find. To Boot NY made a similar boot awhile back and I would definitely shoot for that pair instead if you’re in the market. 

Some music production icons I developed from a recent assignment.

Check it out on my Behance!

Achilles Low. Gifts from the girlfriend. Yes.

Anonymous asked: What brand are the boots you shot on your last posting?

Oh man, aren’t they awesome? They actually belong to my roomate I just used them for the shoot since they have such a nice aesthetic. They’ve been all around the planet and get constant wear in the city, he’s been pretty much been wearing them everyday for 3 years. From my knowledge they’re just a weird no name brand he found on clearance uptown and goes to show you don’t need crazy expensive name brands for a beautiful utility boot. I’ve tried wearing them before but they just don’t suit my feet like they do his, distressed leather is always a tailored fit to the owner, and thats the great thing about a boot like that. 

Old and Distressed

Recently finished shooting a project I completed earlier this year.

The Zen Garden Checkers Set is a themed chess set that doubles as a miniature zen garden while the board is inactive. It’s frame is hand made from natural redwood and is held together with 45 degree mitered joints for a more seamless appearance  The Rake was designed to form the grid with one horizontal and one vertical stroke through the sand. It could then be flipped over to clear the board with one stroke. The pieces are dark and light river stones which represent sky and earth in zen culture. This piece will be featured at the Art Directors Club under the class of Kevin O’ Callaghan of SVA in May 2014.

Check it out on Behance!

by Derrick Barreiro

Stepped out of NYC last weekend to visit fam and stroll through my old woods.