Some throw away infographics and its icon set from a recent presentation. 

Currently selling my rare The Nike SB Dunk Pro 1985-2011 book on eBay. This is a really unique piece I own that was gifted to me by a friend before he moved west. They were never sold and given only to select clients. I’ve never really been a nike sb guy so I thought I would finally put this piece up for sale hoping it finds a real collector. 

My listing


Anonymous asked: Where can I find a girl who will buy me common projects?

Treat one right and you’ll get something a lot better then material shit.

My current workspace. 

Anonymous asked: Topman?

@classicspecs hooked me up with a free pair of Amherst’s before I slipped off to Portugal. Super hyped on them, might have scoop up another color-way. (at Praia de Carreço)

Grandpas wine cellar and workshop.

Anonymous asked: Are you still into menswear?

Yes definitely, I just toned down the obsession a bit. Having an addictive personality I go through really short but intense trends. Had week nights where I was up at 4am skimming denim and shoe forums for no good reason and figured I should probably chill and revaluate my priorities.

Dave. (at Astor Place)

✋ (at The Blue Building)

Anonymous asked: What are your photography influences?

I’m actually not sure if I have a clean cut answer for that but I’ll try. 

I think a lot of my shots are subconsciously inspired  by close friends and whats trending within our circle. Photographers like Miguel Yatco and Fernando Perreira Gomes kind of taught me all the advance techniques that I know so I naturally build my own compositions within the structure that they taught me simply caused by my friendship with them. 

As for subject matter I really like shooting interiors and still lives of objects that might tell a story about the owner or the environment around it without giving away who they are. I like things that are composition heavy sometimes very geometric. Theres just something pleasant about everything being in the right place. I’m also super into interesting textures, salt water, wooden surfaces, aged leather ,denim things that tell stories. Subjects within that world. I avoid shooting people pretty much at all costs, unless I’m extremelyyy close to them or they have some kind of profound feature about them that I find really luring. If I can encompass their environment in a photo instead I feel way more accomplished and I think its more honest then any portrait I take could be. This isnt to say I wont try other things with photography but I’m quick to shoot these things first.

My commercial inspirations currently come from a lot of trendier editorial photos. Magazines like Kinfolk and Cereal are really appealing to me though I don’t know how long they’ll be able to survive within their own trend. I currently like photographers like Alice Gao and Ditte Isager occasionally I dip into fine arts and look at guys like Gregory Crewdson. 

I don’t consider myself a photographer at all it’s more a tool to support me in design and help build more original content. I really dislike it when designers constantly borrow imagery and never bother to put in the effort to create it themselves. It honestly feels like I’m wasting my life to just organize someone else’s work and throw some type on it. Unless your working with photographer to begin with where the end result feels more collaborative. 

I didn’t plan on going that long on this answer but I hope that helps haha. 

Some of my inspiration blogs.

Blue building interior. (at The Blue Building)

I never want to leave this place.

I recently got shot for Classic Specs eyewear. Photo by Miguel Yatco

Anonymous asked: Hi, who makes the shirt in the Fernando wearing the Daniel Wellington Classic Watch post?

It’s a popular pattern. That one in particular is Uniqlo.